March 11, 2010
By MelJoy BRONZE, Vallejo, California
MelJoy BRONZE, Vallejo, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Someday my enemies may win... but not today!"

Stealthy, Silent, Creeping
You make your way across the floor
The house is all still sleeping
As you creep through the door

That tank was much too small
For an octopus of your size
Eight limbs all smashed together
And getting in your eyes

But it’s a lovely evening
For strolling down the street
The nightingale is singing
And him you kindly greet

The moon is out and shining
And waves are what you hear
The smell of salt is growing
Which means the ocean’s near

To you the ocean’s calling
“I’m coming” you reply
To be with all the ones you’ve missed
With water ‘stead of sky

But even thought it’s night time
And mist is in the air
You feel that you are drying
And there’s no time to spare

To fear is wrong young octopus
For water soon you’ll see
With octopi and seahorses
And swordfish swimming free

You slip into the water
And find it to your likes
A frightened looking fish swims by
You hear him holler “Yikes!”

“Home again, home again” you say to yourself
“Oh this is truly keen
To feel the water cool my limbs
And be feared when I am seen”

There are a group of octopi
All slinking through the sand
You creep on down and join them
They accept you in their clan

Eight limbs all worked together
To get you here this day
This is where your home is
And now you’re here to stay

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