Life of a Blind

March 11, 2010
By Alfie SILVER, York, Other
Alfie SILVER, York, Other
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Life of a blind

I feel people staring at me.
I feel their footsteps jump from one side of the sidewalk to the other, eagerly awaiting my next move.
My ears control my movements, not my feet.
I bump into a trash can and
Suddenly feel a rush of people come to my aid: ‘Are you OK?’, ‘Here let me help you’, ‘Come, sit down’.
‘I’m fine. Leave me be’.
I reply modestly, and arrive at the store.
I am hit by the welcoming air conditioning and asked: ‘Hey sir, would you like a hand with your shopping today?’
I am again patronized.
Do I have freak show tattooed on my forehead or something?
The stick I hold, seems to be a unknown, yet guessable password to my life.
Negotiating the aisles, I tune into a conversation.
‘Nick it, no-one gonna see’.
‘Ye, but they got cameras and all sorts in here though’
It’s funny;
There are some things only the blind can see.

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