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March 11, 2010
By VickyLove92 PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
VickyLove92 PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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once life gets harsh/hard, hold your head strong because that's all you can do

This is me

I am your mood swings; I’m your smile or your pain
Stubborn as a puzzle, if a piece isn’t placed correctly
I’m not a girl who should be underestimated
By my innocence of beauty, looks are deceiving
As fallen as firmly and stunningly, resembling a waterfall
I could blow you down with miseries; otherwise I’m your savior
I’m your complication in life, to your sadness and your delight
Through the strength of my voice, I would be blunt
And wishing you, didn’t ask for the answer to the question

I am your handkerchief, when you whimper for a fool
I’m here for you as oxygen, is there for you
To live a moment o n
I’m the fool, to care and trust too many people
As aches deepen, I fake a smile to protect them

Either you are my friend, family, and hater
Or you are my acquaintances
It doesn’t matter, because I am your girl
Who’s always going to have your back?
When you fall on your or their footsteps
I am her, along with who’s going to shed tears for you
As if you feel no one cares for you
Because everyone needs love and care
I am her, who could be your hater and your backstabber too
I could be whom I want to be

Either too nice to too rude
But in the end, I am her
I am Vicky, forever and always her

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