I'm No You

March 10, 2010
By gelo! SILVER, Denver, Colorado
gelo! SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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I'm not you
I'm not him
I'm not her
Or the next person after that
I'm me
You don't know me
So don't pretend you do
Your not me
You may be him
Or her
or the next person
But, you can't be me
There's only one me
I am my own person
Who are you to judge me?
Can't you see I am like no one else
You can't try to be me
You fit in too well
Look at you
Pitifull lies, clothes, make-up
All just signs of insicurity
Me, I am secure
I don't need you to live my life
I may not know exactly who I am
But, I know who i am not
I'm no you

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