Ripest Apples

March 10, 2010
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Why do i choose the ripest apples that fall off the tree easily?
Is it because I'm too short to reach for the top, clean apples?
Or is it because the ripest ones always fall in my hands
And i feel bad for them?
It’s like they expect me to care for them,
Even though they’re ripe, to the point where
Nothing can stop them from dying
But I’m still there,
Always by its side wanting the apple to survive
No matter how rusty or ugly it is.
I know it won’t thank me,
And I’m saving this ripe apple with no returns.
How selfish of me when there’s other clean apples that I can have?
There may even be one that wants to fall off the tree,
But I’m not there because I chose the ripest ones instead.

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