Hells Behind Me

March 10, 2010
By Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
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eah, today I'm on my way
The path I was sure was dark before
Keeps getting brighter
White sand and ocean views push me further into view

Somethings sinking through me
I'm trying to beleive
Beleive that I'll make it back from my dreams
I'll put the meaning back into lyrics rewrite and cut my songs to the seams
Guitar on my back motorcyle to the right
I'm broken down but I'll be fine

Looks like my are wings turning white
These flowers won't stop growing up my legs
Holding me down with all their might
Roots pop and snap until they die

Help me god
Give me the right directions
So that I can make it to the next hevan
Help me shine though this world's darkness
I'll share the devine greatness
Make everything I touch turn gold
I'll do whatever I'm told

They wont get me down anymore
Down to their level
I tryed bringing them back up
But their hopes just weren't high enough
The sands swallowing them
Hazy heats frieing their hearts

Its time to be set free
Now, who wants to come with me?
Setting off on these roads can be a misery
But I know I'll be protected

I'v seen the demon inside me
The darker side of life
Terrifying screams and hell bound crying
Now, I'll be singing
Reaching, twords my future

And as night comes I'll be prepared
For the worst and soar through it all with the wings god gave me
I'll find my own revolutions
Exploding from bones and blades,
Peices flying
Shakeing my very existaince
Pain beyond belief but I won't stop fighting

I know they'll all be here when I return
Just for now
Throw me up into the air
Instead of trying to brake me down
Set me free
Unlock this cage
Before these thorns get any closer to my face

The only way to get over your fears
Is to face them head on
Set my fate with you in stone
And promise me you won't give up hope
Help me fight
Fight to make myself right

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