March 10, 2010
By Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
Excuse me??

What so many words can describe
Jealous of me?
How can that be darling,

When your so much more
Beautiful then me

If you could only see
How I see

You can be
Who ever,
So much more,
Way better,

Don't wait
And let
Just pass you by,

You have the power,
To change your thoughts
Your mind
Your soul

Breaking and rebuilding
The same old tower

Take a step back instead of forward,
For the slightest second
Take it all in,


Who and what you really wanna be

Let go of those stupid memories,
There killing me
Killing you,

Climb up to the top,
Don't fall,

Catch your self
Because we both know you can

Open your eyes honey

Other people don't make you who you are

Your the one who knows better then anyone else

Is it really you talking?
When you treating your self like that,
No pity
No sorrow

Look in that merrier and smile
Its not how the world sees you

Show them all,
How amazing you are

You deserve it

Sing to me
Your soul is reaching
Reaching out

Grab that thought
Turns this all
Into something


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