What They Think Is Annoying

March 10, 2010
By carly... GOLD, Shorewood, Illinois
carly... GOLD, Shorewood, Illinois
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Just because I'm not happy does not mean I'm depressed

The kids at school
They think they have it bad
"My parents grounded me for yellin"

"They took my phone away for over texting"
If only they knew
How lucky they where
The kids who's parents are who they are
I would give anything
For what they've got
Kids who say their parents yell a lot
They say their parents
Are way too protective
Not letting them go to a night party at last minute
They kids at school say I'm so lucky
To have unlimited freedom
I really not all that lucky
They think they have it bad
But have they forgotten
They have parents who care
I can't see why they think their parents are rotten

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