Song of the Soul

March 10, 2010
By RuRuTheLoVeGuRu GOLD, Valley Stream, New York
RuRuTheLoVeGuRu GOLD, Valley Stream, New York
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The song of the soul,
Starts with a sweet crust of bitter happiness.
The first layer,
Is always the façade.

The song of the heart,
Begins with the rhythm of an old friend.
The next verse,
Always becomes the truth.

The song of the memory,
Continues in the middle of a waterfall of tears.
The last sentence,
Is never the finale.

The song of the blood,
Lives with the spirit of a restless lover.
The beginning winner,
Is never the champion.

The song of the awakening,
Persists with a pleasant beat of hope.
The third jump,
Is the one made to break the ice.

The song of the mourning,
Drums with a passionate ache.
The next step,
Is never very easy.

The song of the dead,
Echoes through your ears.
The subsequent move,
Shows you that your past never leaves.

The song of the living,
Pulses through your eyes.
The following lie,
Is the one you dare to try.

The song of the limbs,
Tremble with a fierce anger.
The concluding fight,
Is the one you don’t want to miss.

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