March 10, 2010
By Teasha SILVER, Fort Totten, North Dakota
Teasha SILVER, Fort Totten, North Dakota
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If there is a way to tell you that
I want you back
I wouldn't take it
because after what you did
how can I think that
you would love me again
like you did before
you left me for her
before you decided not to tell me
before you desided not to love me anymore
what happened to us
why couldn't it be always and foever
you made your promises
I wanted a future with us together
the wedding cake and vows
the children, the laughter
that was the first time
I ever thought like that ever
I started feeling the butterflies
you were the first to make me smile
thee first to make me smile like this
it was all so perfect
until new years'
I found out the truth
about you and her
the emotions that came
I couldn't stand
one more time
to be with you
you were my best friend and lover
though we can never touch
at different ends of the line
the miles that seperated us physically
now hold us mentally
I felt so betrayed by the both of you
she was like a sister to me
but now her and I have our differences
she crossed that line
now our friendship is on thee edge
you and I are over
you wanted her but she doesn't
think the same as I do
I still love you...Joe
how could you think
that I would never let go
I did, I finally found
a path I'm meant to be on
I still see a future about us
but not the way I thought at first
I will always love you
just as you always should
that I can trust you
I love you Joe,...NURVJAQ.

The author's comments:
About a guy again a deep relationship.

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