Maybe they would still be Ok

March 10, 2010
Tear stained pages

Hopeless apathy

She lives each day up on a stage

Why is she like this?

Why is she broken?

When she looks in a mirror

All she can see

Is everything she believes

Defines the life she’s living

She can’t live up to the standards

So she tells another lie

“I already ate today”

And people never notice

how much smaller she is…

Another wasted life

Another aching heart

Her looks were never good enough

So one day she just broke apart

Maybe if you had told her

You thought she was beautiful

She could have seen herself today

How God see’s her every day

Maybe she’d still be ok…

What you see of him

Is what he lets you see

You won’t get past the plastic smile

Unless he gives you the key

There is so much that he hides

Because he knows you’ll think it’s strange

But when he laughs at all those jokes you make

He’s tearing up inside

he can’t live up to the standards

So he locks away his feelings

And never tells a soul

And people never notice

The knife that took its toll

Another wasted life

Another aching heart

He was never strong enough

So one day he just broke apart

Maybe if you had told him

You thought his life had meaning

Maybe he could have seen himself today

The way God see’s him every day

Maybe he’d be alive, Maybe he’d be ok..

But instead you walk by

you ignore the sighs of those around us

because you want to fit in

you fail to reach out

but each day you let pass

adds more doubt to their minds

just a few kind things you say

help them fight the lie

that giving up is the easy way

and when you hold their hands back

from a gun, bottle or blade,

one more life is saved.

So show them Christ’s light

help them fight this long war

understand their pain before you ignore

if they knew that you cared

maybe they wouldn’t shut the door

to their hearts quite so fast

maybe they could let go of their past

the choice is yours to make

help them up

or leave them to break

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Sparky630 said...
May 10, 2010 at 6:03 pm
so packed full of emotion I <3 it!
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