Skin Deep

March 10, 2010
By laurendepp BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
laurendepp BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
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Thousands of teens each year
go through troubling and
hard times.
It leads to depression,
then hurting themselves
and sometimes,
If you think that
this is one of those stories
where the kid gets all depressed and
commits suicide,
is not one of them.

Chapter 1
a mixture of feelings,
building up inside.
Thoughts swirling,
and eyes swelling.
I was overpowered by anger,
and overwhelmed by life.
I put the glass,
to my wrist,
and quickly pierced the skin.
Blood came rushing out
and tears came falling down.
I knew I made a big mistake
but I kept going,

Chapter 2
through my dresser drawers.
for a long-sleeved shirt.
To hide:
my stress,
my anger,
my fear,
my mistakes
from the world.

Chapter 3
They saw me.
They took me away.
They took me to a room
locked away from the world.
Where people judge you,
to see
where your new home will be.
And there,
I would wait,
and wait,
and wait...
Until they called my name...
It started out as a whisper,
then a call,
then a cry.
Then I snapped out of it,
and stood up and walked
into the room,
with the woman
whose fate
mine had rest.

Chapter 4
There I sat,
in a white room.
It was blank.
But one thing stood out,
a picture.
A picture of a sunrise
completed with the caption:
the sun will come out.
It was a white,
blank room
full of old magazines.
My heart raced,
and my palms sweaty.
My eyes swelling,
and my face clammy.
My mind leapt from one thought,
to the next.
Just wondering,
about the rest.

Chapter 5
A series of questions,
a gaggle of words.
Me zoning out,
and not really caring.
but not hearing.
but not seeing.
I leave the room
to wait,
for my fate.

Chapter 6
In my bed,
secure at home.
Tucked in,
under covers,
all cozy
and warm.

Chapter 7
Sitting beside my friend,
at 12 o’clock
at night.
about mistakes,
and stupid things
we’ve done.
I showed her my arm
and she let out a gasp.
She gave me a hug
and reassured me
that it
will be

Chapter 8
2 am already.
Time flies by
so fast.
So bored
and nothing to do.
So we check each others love lines
on our hands.
Hers was short,
mine was long,
so i rubbed it in her face.
We checked each others
life lines
just in case.
Hers was long,
mine was short.
That's when I remembered
my mistake.

Chapter 9
My friends aren’t any help,
neither are my parents.
The counselors are the same,
and my therapist is stupid.
My last and only hope
is the hidden worlds of
the internet.

Chapter 10
I realized that
the internet wasn’t my only hope.
There was
But lately,
I hadn’t been believing.

Chapter 11
There I sat,
kneeling by my bed.
Hands folded,
Head hung,
Praying for the best.
“Please help me through my troubles,”
I said softly to myself.
Nothing felt better,
so I gave up all hope,
and started again.
Chapter 12
Back again,
in the white room of fate.
My heart raced,
and my palms sweaty.
My eyes swelling,
and my face clammy.
My mind leapt from one thought,
to the next.
I showed her my arm,
and I think you know the rest.

Chapter 13
Back at home,
all cozy and warm.
Observing the glass,
and slowly putting it down.
I knelt beside my bed,
and bowed my stupid head.
Praying again
because maybe,
just maybe,
he may
hear my message.

Chapter 14
Cuts on my arms,
sad deep inside.
My eyes blood red
and stinging from tears.
F’s on my paper
and piles of work.
I’m not even sure
if I’ll make it out alive.
But wait,
a glimmer of light,
a sparkle of hope.
It holds me in it’s arms
and then I have faith.
Scars on my arms,
scarred deep inside.
A’s on my paper,
and glad deep inside.

Chapter 15
I am healthy again,
I am happy again.
I am hopeful again,
I am faithful again.
I truly am
deep inside.

The author's comments:
It was inspired by me and my friends. I used to cut in the past.

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