For Another - Drop the Knife

March 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Don't talk to me
About getting free
I know the way out
My mind just won't stop
Listening to doubt

Cause every day I'm seeing failure
In every scar I see things I hate
Every wound contains a memory
Of things to late to take back
A permanent reminder
That there was something that I lacked
that I couldn't fill the gap

Each time I pick up that blade
It mocks the savior that I live for
It mocks the words I've prayed
How can I let go of this
When it already has my heart
How can I fight a battle
That is lost before it starts

Even if I cry "no!"
This knife still presses down
And every time my wrists bleed
So does my saviors brow

Now ten days later these marks still stare me in the eye
Ten days later I pick up a knife
Here I sit within my lie filled life
No one will hear me when I cry
My hands are shaking
My heart is aching

But I let it drop…
I make myself stop
And as metal bangs on tiled ground
I realize there are people around me
Who believe I can be free
So it's not for me that I walk away

It's for another who I don't want in pain
It's for another who doesn't need more blood stains
It's for another who's on the same road as me
We'll make it through, you'll see
So I let my pain go at my saviors feet
I won't give in to this defeat

Now stay strong my friend
You're not alone when you sing that broken song
All along God's had a plan…
One day your feet will touch land
One day you'll make it out of quicksand

You are still God's child
Even if you feel like so much less
Just cause getting up is hard
That doesn't make it complex
Put down the knife and walk away
You can make it one more day...

The author's comments:
Listen, it's ok, you can get free. Put down the knife, and realize you are loved more than you'll ever know.

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