King Of Nothing

March 10, 2010
Self-Centered Formulation
For My Facade proceeds me.
Web of Lies weaved of paper.
The ocean of fire approaches.

I am the King of Nothing
Patron Saint of Selfishness
An Idol to Inactivity.
I feel my kingdom coming,
But not the one I desire.
Full of the Misery I never prevented,
The Heartbreak I neglected,
The Failures I pushed off.
My Evasion of Consequence will end Here.

Redemption struck my face, Yet I claim a breeze.
Heaven revealed in my chest, Yet I postpone.
For God Cannot simply be a ticket to Eternity,
Most painful Sacrifice, was not to be convenient.
Shut off. Ignorant. Offender of Creation.
For i am the king of nothing,
And nothing is awaiting me.

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