A Silent Siren Song

March 10, 2010
A Silent Siren Song,
Sung To All in different forms.
It's heart of sway,
To make men say

For the contradiction
Of a Pro-life, Pro-war
Indentured Slave
To a Mislead cause.

For the failed Change
Of carpet bombings
From a pacifist
Stuck in the same.

For those swayed
By their Kings
Without knowing Deceit
I was You long before.

Allured to by the
Teacher of Lies
Known only as

Oh Trust, You Lie
Hope yet to be denied
Awaiting inevitable betrayal.
My back knows
Your scars too well.
Please be kind,
Take the knife with You.
I have no need.

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Alwayslonesome said...
Jan. 30, 2012 at 2:15 pm
wow! this is an excellent poem yet a little confusing but keep writing. :D
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