The Fine Line Between Nightmares and Dreams

March 10, 2010
If I lost a soul would you give me yours would you send me love tonight?
If I lost my life and I lost my mind would you start an angry fight?
If I killed a man and murdered his wife would you really even care?
Or would you silently sit and wait to realize I was never really there?

Would you lend me your shelter or your blanket in the cold?
Would you hold my hand as we wait and stand steadily growing old?
Would we kiss and touch in your mother’s car and your father chase me down?
Or would you finally see that when I speak there never comes a sound?

Im your imagination darling; nothing but a phantom and a lie.
Im never here and never there but that means never a goodbye.
Don’t get me wrong I love you too, but we could never be
If you will never understand that there is no different between your nightmares and me?

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