What is hatred

March 10, 2010
By LcplShannon PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
LcplShannon PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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What is hatred

What is Hatred but a poison that fills a person's body. It becomes impossible to thing of anything else but the object of your hatred. Sometimes if you not encounter the object of your hatred for a length of time, the hatred may dissipate throughout your body. You may under the impression that the feeling is gone. The truth is that is has spread like a cancer. It is very important if possible to tell the person that you are angry with how you feel. If this is not possible it might be helpful to discuss your feelings with others. In any case do not let this hatred sit and poison your body. Hate this life I chose to live
can't take much more, so I give
fell into this place like a trap
on this road and can't find my way back
I need help to get away
things will get better soon I pray
until then I'll stand here and wait
without you all I have is hate.
hating what was never said
what was though I still dread
I can't continue on I swear
I need to know that at least you care
all alone and all cried out
is this what life's really about?
I don't need this not at all
no one to catch me as I fall
you're so fake where did you turn
I like the way you were before
you've changed over time but why. I give up now why'd I try. leave me alone to cry
living this life just like a lie
someone please save my soul
I can't handle it, not in control. this isn't worth it never was
I'll just quit it just because
you're the one I'm thinking of
but it's not me that you love

I guess I was to blind to see
you would never love a girl like me
I need support but I get none
no one see's but the damage is done. hatred is a form of fear
hatred is what I’m waiting to hear
hatred is deep down inside me
hatred drives me crazy
hatred is what turns me on
hatred is what turns me off
hatred is my enemy
hatred is my pal
hatred is going to kill me
hatred is going to save me
hatred might just help me I hope. Love is for those who care
hate is for those who hate
friends are those who will be there till the end
parents are those to say never be late
You said you loved me because you cared
but at the same time you said you hated me
as long as your there i will never leave
Why do u make me mad?
Make me sad?
Make me cry?
Make me want to die?
You say u love me
then u play games with my heart
and eventually tear it all
you said u would always love me
I thought it was true
but all it was u being you
I will always love you no matter what
this may be true
even though u always turn me blue

This ill temper I have is making me mad
I blow up and I don’t know why
I wish for just a moment I could handle my hatred right
I wish for just a moment I could love you right
I wish my attitude would just go away
I wish my hatred would stay at bay
This outlook I have on life needs to change
This outlook I have you needs to say the same
I love you deep down inside
I wish you would see
That you’re the only girl for me

The hatred I have deep in side
Comes out when I least expect it
This hatred I have in me should just go away
This hatred I have is an annoyance
This hatred I have has messed my life up
This hatred I have is stupid
hatred you have messed up my marriage
hatred you have messed up my life
hatred you have destroyed who I am inside and out
hatred you are the devil
hatred you are all that is bad
This hatred I have in me has made me fight
A fight that was not worth it

hatred you made me hit the wrong person
hatred you made me do the wrong things
hatred you are the feeling that I would never miss
hatred you have caused me so much sorrow
hatred you have caused nothing but grief.
hatred just go away.

Feels like energy has left me
hate, and anger.
Can't find the feelings I had.
I remember when I was so mad It made me ill
and couldn't eat for days.
hating with a mix of anger.
I remember hating and it made me miss the opportunities
around me.
If people only knew how much time it takes away
from your life.
hate and anger.
I couldn't tell you I'm hating or being sad.
Can't find the emotions I once had.

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