What is the Army

March 10, 2010
What is the army?
What are the Soldiers but a mission or a task being done by the best? Soldiers are noble, strong, and no where weak. I respect and strive to be them a lot. To be one of the best pushing my limits over the peak. They are a team of dogs or a group of lions. They are called jarheads of the best. They accomplish anything, anywhere. When others fail they don’t. They are helpers of the world. Never to give up. Training hard so they never stop doing their duties to serve and protect. Soldiers never leave another soldier behind. As they are brothers in this war. Sisters are fighting and winning the battle. It’s not out of being kind, it’s something that they have to do no matter what. Soldiers fight and win all the times. Never lose even if they are pinned down. Soldiers are smart, rough, fast, and unstoppable. Never letting the USA down. Keep fighting until the usa citizens stop looking blank about their future. It is going to be rough or is it going to be sound?
What I say is this.
“You can fight for your country and Win but still have a loss inside. That one day you’ll fight again and win for you and your country too instead of for yourself.”

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