March 10, 2010
By yblehs GOLD, BelAire, Kansas
yblehs GOLD, BelAire, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"there's nothing to fear, but fear itself"

Words escape from mouths,
Yet nothing is said.
Pass by a million places,
Yet the street is empty.
I feel you here with me,
Yet I’m all alone.

I can’t get over the sunny rooms,
When it’s dark outside.
The sweet words,
When they are meant in a sinister way.
Feelings that overpower me,
When I should be able to push them aside.

This world is contradicting,
But it all makes sense.
I miss the way things were,
But this is for the better.
The painting of life all over scare me,
But they help me.

It’s raining outside,
But the storm is in here.
This life I’m leading, is a lie.
I can’t keep this up.
Come back to me.
Pick up your old brush,
And paint the picture of our future.

You were my friend,
Now you ignore me.
This life used to be cheerful,
Now it’s as dark as a black hole.
I would always be close to you,
Now you’re gone from this world for good.

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