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March 10, 2010
By yblehs GOLD, BelAire, Kansas
yblehs GOLD, BelAire, Kansas
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"there's nothing to fear, but fear itself"

Life is full of wonders,
Things that don't make sense.
Extrordinary thirills.
Yet there is always
Seven days a week,
twenty-four hours a day.
We go through the motions,
Living life for the future.
What happened to the present?
This life we life is a hypocrisy.
saying "stop and smell the roses",
When you just step on them.

Take a moment, look around.
What you see,
Isn't all that you get.
It's a mix of the past, present,
And a glimpse of the future.
A promise for humanity.
Always live gor the now,
Even if it's a dreaded monday,
Face it like a Tuesday.

Show your feelings,
There is no time for self-doubt.
Life is beautiful,
So take it in.
Our Earth is our home, and life.
Breath in the present,
And live your life.

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