One Soul, One Unity

March 10, 2010
By mehul vithlani GOLD, Mwanza, Other
mehul vithlani GOLD, Mwanza, Other
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Families have held hands praying to God for the safety of the child who is to come.
The sun rises, flowers spring out, birds fly high echoing eternal notes of bliss, cormorants lay their silky feathers furled on shimmering waters and clouds cluster together in a frenzy;
God’s gift has just swayed down from heaven.
Every member crowds around the cradle singing lullabies to welcome Him.
Growing He is at an alarming rate.
Concerts, dancing, singing, all he can manage to get that one soft-wide smile on his parents’ face;
He steps at every note with blissful beauty grooving the audience with him throwing them into ecstasy.
The audience cheers, chatters, and claps at every step he crafts,
Leaving some astonished and some as happy as lilies faint with the hot sun in summer luxury.
Candles and candles are lit bright every year to celebrate the day He dropped in.
Finally the day most desired has knocked on their doorsteps;
Beets of vows are plucked at every nuptial round around the flames of life,
Loves ribbon swings around and bonds two divine souls in a relation that is eternal,
Birds peck blessings at every note they pitch,
Flowers fall, swaying from heaven as God’s gift,
Family and friends gather at this auspicious occasion to shine their love and blessings on this woven-soul.
Thunder rumbles across the sky,
Lightning drips down shattering the earth,
Flowers close up and die, birds’ notes have come to a sudden halt, Cormorants have now laid their silky feathers unfurled on shimmering waters and the shocking news shakes his relatives to tears;
He had climbed heights of success no one could even reach,
His love for any normal man has lit the sky yet also watered in notes of eternal remorse,
His presence, shining in the bliss of sunlight, has left us long ago;
Not only him but the whole world has died.

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on Apr. 12 2010 at 10:13 am
mehul vithlani GOLD, Mwanza, Other
17 articles 2 photos 8 comments
Lovely poem!

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