Humans, Angels, and Demons

March 10, 2010
By xRogueFairx BRONZE, Edgewood, Maryland
xRogueFairx BRONZE, Edgewood, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
Don't tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on broken glass.

Humans have simple desires
food, water, shelter, attention
all things the average person wants
most require nothing deeper
even marriage isn’t sacred, being able to divorce
bonds can be broken at the drop of a hat
people can become nothing more than dust in the wind
lost in this big, indifferent world.

Me, I’m different
I need a strong bond with at least a person
I don’t care if I don’t have material goods
more than anything
what I want is someone who I can trust
who cares about me
who I care about
it seems I redefine the human mind
forgetting myself, thinking always of others
don’t tell me it’s the holy spirit
I don’t know if I believe in God
I’m fascinated by witchcraft and demons
I’m a normal teenage girl.

No saint
I mouth off to my parents,
I have an attitude quite often,
I shut myself in my room, choosing solitude over family.

I of course have my problems.
Yet to see someone I don’t even know suffer;
someone who has no meaning to me, someone I have no meaning to;
it kills me a little bit inside
to see that in someone I love,
as a friend,
as a lover,
it would utterly destroy me
inside and out.

Do I really redefine people?
Take them back to how things should be?
Bring back devotion and caring?
Is it genuine?
Or is it my own selfishness,
disguised in this shining white robe?
Is it my own cry for attention, reaching out to others?
Am I hoping to be recognized for it?

Well, in my mind, I’m no different from anyone else.
If you must label me, then it will be your choice
Am I saintly angel?
Or am I demon, cloaked in sheep’s clothing?
If you call me demon,
then why will I toss my own sorrows to the back seat,
and worry about someone else?

If you call me an angel,
how can you be totally sure that these feelings are real always?
Humans, we make mistakes
nothing is ever totally certain.
I have hatred and vengeance lurking in my heart.
But I want to help people,
and I hate to be alone.
Its true that I would die for the people
that are most important to me.
But then, I’d die just because I’ve had enough.

Enough of all the complaining,
all the fighting,
all the sadness,
all the chaos.
I’m not always in a position to hear out other people’s problems.

Am I a worse person for it?
Does that make me a bad friend?
A bad support system?
I can’t always give the right advise either,
because I haven’t lived a lot of things in life.

I try not to choose myself over other people.
But sometimes it happens.
Selfishness is something no one can escape.
Just in some people it’s worse,
more predominant.

Mistakes are made,
bad things happen,
people are hurt in the crossfire.
Innocence is lost,
things grow and die.
This is how the world has always worked.
There is certainly good.
But it runs hand in hand with evil.
Where there is light, there is darkness,
nothing is ever perfect.
Good will not always triumph,
but in the end, evil always gets what is deserves.
Theses principals are what toys with the lives
Of us helpless humans.

The way of the world, karma,
Call it what you will.
But in the end, it is more prevalent than man’s law.
This is what makes me wonder if there is a God.

But if there is, there’s us sinning humans,
fallen angels,
and demons, all the same.
In the end, it seems we’re not that different,
are we?
Humans, angels, and demons?

The author's comments:
Honest to God? I was bored over the summer one year. Took about an hour to write this three page poem just ranting. Putting down in words whatever passed through my mind.

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