the last good bye

March 10, 2010
By mishell BRONZE, Beckly, West Virginia
mishell BRONZE, Beckly, West Virginia
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Here i am holding your hand with tear feild eyes
for the verry last time
here i am saying my verry last words to you
here you are holding up your verry last breath
here you are for your last day here on earth
here i am to say my last goobye
though you do not reply back i know you got my message
now we get the message your in heaven
i go down on my knees cry and greve for you
though i was young then i did not understand why he took you away from me
but now i am here today i quite understand
i wish i could have one more chance with you today

The author's comments:
well this poem is made for my pawpaw he passed away when i was 11 years old he was my world. we used to do everything together. then one day i walked in his room i fount him in a heart attack. though i didnt know what to do then i kept saying pawpaw pawpaw wake up whats rong i run into the living room to get my mawmaw we try to get him to go to the hospital though he wouldnt me and my little cousin beged him to go. he still said no then finally after it happened again. i talked to him and he said ok but by then it was way to late he went and i got to say my last goodbye which was hard i grabed his hand and pawpaw its me chubby check that is the nick name he gave me when i was younger i said i loved him the only reply i got back was a groan i was shoked my aunt had to pull me out of the room. i couldnt stand it no longer he rubed my hand and the groan i still remember and what he looked like that day when i get sad or just want to think of him i close my eyes and yes kinda weird but i can imagin him there with me.

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