what is it?

March 10, 2010
By w.s.f.z SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
w.s.f.z SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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''life is full of mistakes but we got to learn how to pass through them!!''

What is it?

Maybe love isn’t what we think it is
There’s something in the word love that we miss
Love is something evil, for some it brings sadness
And for others it brings happiness
Others get confused
And start thinking if they really love their partner
But yet they refuse
To think that they don’t have fate-
In the love relationships that they share with their mate,
People are afraid that of they break-up with someone
It will be rough-
To find love like the one they had
But ”hey!” nothing is easy everything’s tough
There’s a reason
For every decision-
It just depends if you made the right one or not,
Living in a forest is like love,
You have to endure it
In order to survive-
If you want to feel revive!

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