5senses and i'm here

March 10, 2010
By w.s.f.z SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
w.s.f.z SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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''life is full of mistakes but we got to learn how to pass through them!!''

5senses and I’m here!

Open your eyes,
So you could see
That I’ve got a shoulder for your cries,
That I will still be there for guilt and lies,
And that I have the key
To your heart, and let no one else in but me, just you and we!

Hope that you hear
And listen very clear-
To my voice that keeps on crying for you-
To have no fear, that I am here,
But you still ignore me whenever your friends are near.

Wish that you could smell
This fragrance of mine-
That walks everyday by you –
Almost side –by- side,
But then I see you tracing some other girls’ odor
Gosh! There will always be a border between you and me
For me that’s just horror but nothing really new!

Oh you should feel
The tingle in my hand, as it combines with yours
You should try to see what we would feel
Because right now this ain’t real
I should just yield and not imagine how good it might be what
We’d feel

I wish you could taste
These lips of mine
And just know what it’s like
As mine and your are combined
But you can’t
Cause you haven’t opened your eyes
And noticed I’m here, and very near

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