be my baby

March 10, 2010
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watching from a distance,
being all so very patience.
you watch her,
like a lion after his prey.
tracing every angle and form,
watch her sway and dance.
click her eyes meet yours,
a look of lust and love.
flash in her hazel eyes,
you watch as her date swishes in.
taking her away to be mine,
your heads snaps away at the sight.
the spot light,
resting on her form.
music drowning out your ears,
all you can think is be my baby.
hazel flashes your way her thoughts say maybe,
his grip on her falls as she moves away.
her heart choose today,
she whispers be my baby.
step, twirl, stop,
theirs eyes meet at the top.
hand to hand they start to sway,
as gentle as the wind in may.
he close his eyes as he says,
be my baby.

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