"True Lover" Classified.

March 10, 2010
By Sharamore SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sharamore SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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What is the point of exhibiting yourself, if in the end, no one wants what's inside, they only care about your outer shell, your clout, your power.

I'm hideous on the outside, quite beautiful on the inside.

And yet, no one will ever treasure me, take the chance to go below the surface and discover the treasure that lies beneath. For greed consumes us all, and drives us all to the brink of madness trying to satiate it.

I settled. I got tired, fed up, confused, alone, and in a way, broken. Broken from all of the shallow rejections I foolishly took to heart. I let one start a relationship with me, for the fact they wanted me, for I was older. I'm no better than the ones I criticize, just continuing the cycle...

But no more! No more will I tolerate this!

I shall wear my heart on my sleeve and display it proudly, the contents inside no longer hidden, but out in the open.


For anyone to see.

And for anyone to want.

Whoever, whenever.

As long as you love what's inside, and can relate to my status...

Come into my arms.

We shall turn a heartbreak hotel to grand crystal manor.

Shining in the moonlight, glimmering in the sunlight, for all to see what true love is.

Naught lust, nor greed, but love.

Let me breath your soul, as you take in mine.


This is a heartbroken classified, but for you, my true love, whoever, wherever you are, my heart and soul will never be classified, for you, and for anyone who can see deeper than a shell. May you find your true love, as I will hopefully, find mine~

The author's comments:
Well, a love letter...

A failed one.

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