March 10, 2010
By live.laugh.spaz GOLD, Singapore, Singapore, Other
live.laugh.spaz GOLD, Singapore, Singapore, Other
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His feet thump softly against the grass,
Moving faster as the meadow spreads beyond his eyes
Emerald grass and golden sunflowers,
Twinkle like gems with the glare of the sun,
Which shines its light in spotlights of rays

He begins to run,
Sneakers hitting the ground,
Like a stone skipping through calm water
The world in front of him gets brighter,
Or the world behind him gets darker….

The rays of sunlight clump in front of him,
Every other corner of the universe is dark
A dark shape was fades into the spotlight,
Outlining the figure of a human,
Until she stands in front of him

Long, dark hair stretches down her back,
Revealing bits of fair skin, with flush on her cheeks
Curled eyelashes poke out of a curtain of hair,
A tight dress emphasizes her statuesque figure,
Pink fingers hold a bouquet of sunflowers

His hand stretches out to touch her,
But his fingers feel nothing
He opens his mouth to speak to her,
But no words come out.
His eyes fix to her; he barely blinks

Her head whirls around,
She runs down the meadow,
And he curiously follows,
Chasing the spotlight,
Until her feet halt, giving him no warning

She faces a frozen river,
And shyly turns to look at him
He reaches out to stroke her face
She flinches, eyebrows slanting into a bitter frown
“I-I’m sorry,” the words find his voice
Her eyes fix into his eyes,

Her facial muscles relax,
Her head bends down,
And she closes her eyes
“No,” She whispers, tears falling from her lashes

She spins on her heels,
And runs across the river,
Her graceful, light steps,
Keeping it from cracking
She fades through the air,
And forever from his vision

The author's comments:
this originally was a short story, but i didn't know how to develop it without making it too long.....so i decided to make it a poem!

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