Heart Pulled to Pieces

March 10, 2010
By Anonymous

You say I will not make it
You say im making a huge mistake
You say im just complaining about everything
You say I am disrespectul
You say I am stupid and arrogant
Did you know you're pulling my heart to pieces?
My heart shatters a little more each day you add more negativity to my world.
How can I smile when all I hear is negativity?
You do not give me a chance
You refuse to let me live
You only think about the future, not the present
When can I be free?
Your stupid friends cannot do anything to help me
My heart is being pulled to pieces.
I don't think there is much left
She calls it sabotage, I call it motivation
You think no one will support me or believe in me
You think you can plan my whole life
You are pulling my heart to pieces every day and night,

The author's comments:
been depressed lately

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