March 9, 2010
By rbeth SILVER, West Bloomfield, Michigan
rbeth SILVER, West Bloomfield, Michigan
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is the sun.
the very brightness that we live our lives enveloped in
the light, the happiness, the daffodils growing in the park
where the little kid that you used to be swings
back and forth back and forth
is to chase the sun
to only care about which swing you choose
and whether your rubber duck will float in the tub
to live under the security of the warm yellowness of the sun
to only see the blanket of light
a blanket.
covering your face from the unknown
a comforter of light shielding you from darkness
letting you, in the comfort of your bed, hide from the fears
true fear is
not shaking uncontrollable fear but just
the sense that there is more than light
that yellow is only covering darkness
a deceitful illusion of happiness
is knowing
knowing truth, knowing what is really there or
maybe happy is
when you are shielded from the bad as though you are
a child under a blanket
that has a distorted yet
simple view of the world
is impossible
you need simplicity yet
you crave complexity
and your curiosity that asks complex questions
will be satisfied only with simple answers
is the label
given to your desire for knowing
your unquenchable thirst for answers
to questions often asked but rarely answered
why does a little rubber duck remind you of a child
why does a daffodil in the park remind you to live simply
why does a warm ray of sunlight remind you of pure happiness
because it is

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