October Skies are Fearless

March 9, 2010
By Elanaray BRONZE, Beachwood, Ohio
Elanaray BRONZE, Beachwood, Ohio
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I was there picking up the pieces,
Wiping away the tears.
Always the shoulder to cry on,
As you tried conquering your fears.
It’s all in the mind,
Just focus and let go -
Try erasing all the memories
That hurt too much to hold.

And the wounds may have healed,
But the scars never quite go away.
October skies are fearless,
The month envelopes you and drags on.
No way out, can't see through
You fade into oblivion.

The sky’s an open undisturbed blue,
And jets cut across it
Leaving white trails for planes to follow,
Like diamond on a pane of glass.
The leaves fall melancholically to the ground
Their time is up
A new season has begun.

Children walk home from school
Admiring the array of colors
Lying on the sidewalk.
Unknowing, this means winter’s coming.
Look up and see the blue skies,
No cloud coverage, sunny but cold.
And they know, instinctively,
October skies are fearless.

The author's comments:
I hope people come away with something- anything from my prose that touched them; touched their hearts. :)

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