Middle School

March 9, 2010
When life feels normal,
When life feels incomplete,
When life feels different,
When everything falls apart,
Or when life is just boring one day,
You will want to look back on one place,
Don’t say you won’t,
Because I’ll admit I do the same,
Don’t say you didn’t enjoy these times,
Because I know truthfully you do,
The classes may have sucked,
The teachers may have sucked,
But as you look back you feel life going by,
As you look back you realize where life started,
It starts with two words,
Someplace we all just wanted to get by as fast as possible,
We all didn’t care for this place,
It started the fighting,
It started the young love,
It start the friendship that would last for years,
And it started more than you can think of,
Middle School.

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