Her skin was like butter cream frosting

March 3, 2010
By SecretPoet18 SILVER, Los Alamos, New Mexico
SecretPoet18 SILVER, Los Alamos, New Mexico
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Her skin was like butter cream frosting
Sweet soft and smooth
And he smoothed it over his cake
A decedent indulgence that rotted his soul with cavities
and decayed his already short list of morals
she was untouched
and that is what he liked
he pulled her in with charming secrets
and sweet little lies
She loved him
That much was true
But when he called her on the phone
Just to beat up her eardrums
With his latest problem
She would smooth it over
He was only two hours away
So she would drop everything and drive
Drive so that she could spread that butter cream frosting
Over his acidic body
He always had a sweet tooth

And how did he repay her?
He painted I love you on her skin
In an ink of marks and bruises
she was the drug he abused
Because she kept him high on her list of priorities
So why did she stay?
I ask myself repeatedly
She loved him
That much was true
And the icing on her skin seemed to be perpetually stuck to his
And his appetite for her sweetness was continually growing larger
You never forget your first love
If you could call it love
She gave him everything
In the front seat of his car
Just to please his sweet tooth
Because she loved him
That much was true

It was October
The sun was setting
And the leaves had just begun to change
We were on our way to the first football game
She was so happy
Because she was so free
From that electronic leash
He kept wrapped around her neck
For once her thumbs did not have to work
To keep this rising fear of what he might do next
I had never seen her so happy
Because I have never seen her so free
But this is something he couldn’t have
One simple text
"I am in the parking lot"
Lines of worry returning to that butter cream complexion
I watched her frantically scrape together what frosting she had left
She would pay for this disobedience
He would make sure of that
I told her not to go
But I can’t stick like sugar
And she slipped away
I found her half an hour later
She was sitting on the asphalt
As I helped her up I looked at her butter cream complexion
Covered in “I love yous”
And I knew
The frosting must have run out

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on Mar. 26 2010 at 1:15 pm
SomeCallMeSteph BRONZE, Florence, Kentucky
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I totally get what you're saying here and its really sad, but very well written and i can practically see it playing out before me.!

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