A Day in the Life of a Teenager

March 8, 2010
A day in the life of a teenager

Have you ever tried to put

Yourself in a teenager’s shoe’s,

well it’s harder than it looks

a teenager’s life is filled with difficulties,
most teenager’s are pressured to do well in school,

and all teenager’s are pressured to do things

that are stupid and things that they should

never do.

Teenager’s have to be very careful of
Who they should choose as there friend,

although most teenager’s really don’t

care about who there friends are,

a teenagers friends tend to wear

off on them
If a teenager doesn’t curse, then

They start hanging out with

People who do,

Then they will eventually begin to

Do it as well.

This shows that most teenagers don’t


Although some teenagers care there

are just afraid to do anything about

it because of what people will think
of them.

This is what a day in a life of

a teenager is like.

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