The Meaning Of Life

March 6, 2010
By whoami BRONZE, New York, New York
whoami BRONZE, New York, New York
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Maybe some people should be around your entire life, and others should just make an appearance.

blank stares turn into blank eyes,
that picture of you two now lies listless on the floor
as a reminder of how it used to be,
a token of the appreciation we once held for one another
people change, but now you seem so strange
as if i never knew you at all,
as if you were a phantom of my imagination,
but the tear in my eye is still there
and the hole in my heart still hasnt quite mended itself together
a sign that im not delusional
that what i know is true
before you know it people you know become people you knew,
love you thought you felt is now gone,
and the life you once had,
it all changed
leaving us to wonder what it all meant
leaving us to wonder what life is
and what the next step is
in the end it's all just a part of growing up I guess
you gotta work with what you got
till you get what you deserve.

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