Evanescent and Halcyon

March 6, 2010
By Anonymous

The rushing creek
Sunshine spilling
Through fields of emerald green
As I sit on the dock
And peer out in the translucent lake
I’m nothing but lackadaisical

A day is like a lifetime
The weather is cooking an egg
Though a cool breeze intertwines
Through my long Hershey locks
As I dip my toes in the cool water
The colors around me conflate
Pure felicity

The Swallow sings a heartfelt tune
The trees whisper mellifluously
As if telling me I will be here forever
In this perfect state of mind
While everyone around me
In this bucolic
Worries like that rabbit

Dulcet ice cream
And a very good book
Efflorescent flowers
A fish on a hook
Oh, how Spring has lasting memories
Like the buzzing of large bumblebees
Summer shall come and
The weather will sizzle
Too much to handle

Say goodbye, Spring
Until we meet again
I stare out into the clear water
And focus on one final ripple

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