March 5, 2010
By Pseudonyme BRONZE, Orchard Park, New York
Pseudonyme BRONZE, Orchard Park, New York
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Imagine you took something from another
something intangible, something you’ve
acquired many of
A collection to dissect, to analyze, to study
coldly, unattached
They’re never aware of their possession
in the first place
They never miss it
Imagine it was a long, involved process
one you’ve done many times before
this time was different
You became too attached
(especially for you)
You gave too much away
and realized your own loss too late
So you snapped all ties
burned all bridges, so to speak
and caused unimaginable pain
You watched, silent
as the words smashed against your shield
Afraid to step back in
Terrified to drown
but life carried on
as it never fails to do
and you carried the ache
(but you’re used to that)
Now you hold it
Turn it over in shaking hands
and realize it means so much more
in the hands of its true owner
How do you give it back?
He thinks he’s better off now
that nothing is missing
that something was gained
How do you tell him of your
Is ignorance truly bliss?
or is it simply a lie
a mask, a cover
a thick veneer smothering the painful truth
Is he happy under there?
or is he slowly suffocating?
You’ve begged for silence so often
now you’ve gotten your wish
but you long for the answers
that you pushed away before
So now what?
You wonder

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