March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

You fly
Like a bullet
Through the sky
Getting information
Around the world

You may be for work
You may be for play

And some people
Use you all day

You walk me through
Fields of knowledge
When I am lost
You help me find
My way

You keep me connected
To all my friends,
Near or far
And you always
Give me my space

You always know
What’s happening
Around the world
And let me know
At a click of
A button

Through your window
I can visit
All the places I’d
Like to be

When you take me
To other countries
And I see the new
Friend I can make
I get excited

When you show me
My mouth begins to
Water and my nose
Goes insane

Sometimes you’re
Not good
You always show me
That I am afraid
To open
You may be a virus
Don’t open

You’re pretty good
I will let you
Help me
But I will not let you
Control me

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