when i am all alone

March 5, 2010
she has left for the moment
so i am all alone
i sit here waiting
for someone else to come home
my waiting goes on
and noone else comes
there just my distraction
of what im really running from
i hate being alone
because the memories seep in
the only thing that barely helps
is my notebook and my pen
people try to help by talking
but for most my walls are to high
everytime someone broke them down
more pain came in and now they reach the sky
acting is the easy part
but actually feeling is hard
good memories always come
but the bad i cant discard
so when i am all alone
i normally have a friend
they talk to me on the phone
until being alone has reached its end
right now my friend is gone
and i am back at square one
all i have is myself
and so a new journey has begun

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CrossKey said...
Jun. 29, 2010 at 12:41 am
i love it:)
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