My Brother

March 5, 2010
By cinderella PLATINUM, BEVERLY HIILLS, California
cinderella PLATINUM, BEVERLY HIILLS, California
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As life goes on, and day turns to night
I will seek for my lost brother’s life
I shall harm no soul till I find him safe and sound
I shall be not any danger to anyone around
He wants the best for me, now I know why
There are so many dangers here and there
The only thing he wishes for is not to see me cry
What I wish to know is where is nowhere?
He begs me not to find him I ask why?
He says it’s dangerous and I might die
I say “So what, I’ll be near you”
He yells “NO! That will never come true!”
The days are getting darker, the moon shining longer
How much more time do I have to wait?
I want to start now and to not be late
For I have in my hands, my brother’s fate
I can’t take anymore of my mom’s cries
I don’t want to see lifeless smiles
And the fear in my little sister’s eyes
In a dream once, I saw a figure
It spoke to me but I couldn’t hear
It seemed as though I was actually awake
Because that voice seemed so near
I slept with Goosebumps and woke up with sweat
There wasn’t a day in life I haven’t wept
For I miss my brother very much so
He would always forgive me even though
I was s big pain; he would never let me go
I opened my eyes slowly and started to see
That all shall be well now, it was all a dream
My brother has come back, or shall I say never left
But still, there wasn’t a day that I haven’t wept

The author's comments:
this didnt really mean anything in my life, but i do love my brother very much:)

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