March 5, 2010
By Lilia Vintu BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
Lilia Vintu BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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I bubbled today at school,
That I was speaking with a guy
He was absolutely cool
But he was beyond pleasureful and extremely shy.

My dream became reality,
At school our eyes had a visual communication.
When he spoke those words of wisdom,
My heart rapidly pounded to him for salvation.

His voice was really soft although,
His eyes as brown the sunset color
His gaze at me sent shivers through
I was sure he’s my significant other.

He sweetly talked to me,
And made me feel so special.
The way he treats me carefully and lovely,
Are the true facts that he really loves me.

I love him for who he is,
There is not something that I would rearrange in him.
Until eternity I’ll love him, and that will never ever change.

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