Mr. Deja Vu

March 5, 2010
By poetblackcat13 SILVER, Panchkula, Other
poetblackcat13 SILVER, Panchkula, Other
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You see things and ask, why? I dream things that never were and ask, Why not?

A gust of wind
Just blew in
Kissed me on the cheek
Brought back memories

I close my eyes
Let it carry me away
To another time
Another day

Tinkling laughter drifts over me
Is it my own?
Un-bitter, naive, full of glee
Free of desperation or want

Assaulted by past memories
I smile
They flash across the inner eye
Each frame, showing a different you

The very instant that I met you
I knew that I knew you
From a past life perhaps
Hey, Mr. Deja Vu.

Did you feel the same?
Is that why you held out a hand?
Walking up to me
Did you understand?

I knew your voice
Before you spoke
I knew your words
Before they formed

I cannot say we were friends
That is far too common
Neither have I loved you
With a lover's passion

We had something
I cannot name it
The closest thing
To it is, comrades-in-arms.

You knew it too
You felt it too
That,we had a past
Didn't you, hey Mr.Deja Vu

You showed me darkness in me
That I never knew existed
You showed me light
That I thought was extinguished

You showed me the ugliness
Of a beautiful world
Yet,still a beauty
In the ugliness

You taught me hope
Showed me dreams
Each word you spoke
Felt like, a has-been

I guess, I relate to you
It's good to find someone like me
Who faces upto
The world, along with me

Lifted me up, when I was blue
Scattered the clouds of gloom
You do it best
Don't you,hey Mr.Deja Vu

It's not easy for me to trust someone
Don't like to open up
I did neither with you
But without being told,you knew

You are like, my evil twin
I am yours
Thats the way it's always been
It seems to be written in the stars

Every moment spent together
Full of witty banter
Arguing on the theories
Exchanging philosphies

I will not say
I know you inside out
I know you, like I know myself
There I have no doubts

I don't know, what to say to you
I don't know what to make of you
You are completely unique
Aren't you, Mr.Deja Vu

It seems that I've known you
Through the centuries
I wish I could show you
Our intermingled histories

Faint recollections, show me
But one face, clearly
All my past lives
I have lived by your side

Together we spun
Our complex web of lies
And we have as one
Paid the price

We have sparred
Not with rapiers but words
Many a time, you cut too deep
Yet,proudly I carry my battle scars

This world maybe brand new
But not for me and you
We are old souls
Right, Mr. Deja Vu

You are a mirror
In which I see myself
With you,I see clearer
Such a likeness

Your glasses,reflect the world
I can't see your eyes
It doesn't really matter
Ther are same as mine

Your smile is one
I've always smiled back too
You are the only one
Who sees my smile true

And you stand surrounded
By rainbows
All these colours
Have your darkness shrouded

Lying, a way of life with you
Hiding,is what you do
Manipulation,your favourite game
Isn't it? Hey, Mr.Deja Vu

You are not here anymore
Left suddenly one day
I was so unsure
Unable to say

I do care
Though I pretend otherwise
I wonder how you are
In your new disguise

You disappeared
As if you were
The same as illusions
You created so well

I may miss you
Old comrade
But I am not blue
Neither sad

For,I will see you
You know it too
Out fates are one
Admit it, Hey Mr.Deja Vu

I am wishing
You break a leg
As the curtain rises
On your new play

I watch a quietly
As you strut you part
Though tempered by your will
I can see the wicked glee and I laugh

But I must run
Gotta catch up with life
Which flashed past
So fast

Whilst I took a break
Came into your world
My own world awaits
For my return

If you need too
Pass a message,through the wind
I'll send her to you
She is our kin
Goodbye for now
But I'm hoping to see you soon
Hey Mr.Deja Vu
P.S.-See you in the next in the life ;

The author's comments:
When I wrote this felt like it wasn't me, but something in me that wrote it...For once I wrote without anyone in my mind for it....Funnily enough, I never thought I'd ever meet anyone who fit the description, but almost an year after I wrote it....I did...:)

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