March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

Nobody understands me
Girls don’t even bother
Try and feel my pain
Growing up with no father
Mothers’ nowhere near
Great-grand’s is taking care
All I could do is look up and pray
Thank god and ask if he could answer me one day
Where am I?
Is this earth?
Why did my parents give me birth?
The questions that haunt me
Are the nightmare’s I have
Why does my life feel like I’m being stabbed?
But the question I ask most is
Can anybody hear me?
Am I invisible?
Or can you see me?
Aye can anybody hear me????
Answer to my whisper
And tell me if you understand
Because to me nobody can
Aye can anybody hear me?
Listen to the wards I am saying
Don’t make me the devil
I’m in god’s plan….
Please understand me
Can anybody hear me?

The author's comments:
something from the heart i though of

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