Why do I have to clean my room?

March 5, 2010
Why do I have to clean my room?
When I would rather sleep
The toy ducks scattered on the floor
Don’t make a peep
I almost never trip upon
My cookies or my books
And I don’t pay attention
To the games or fake toy crooks
Why do I have to clean my room?
I think my room looks cool
There’s pudding in the corner
But it’s barely on the stool
I’m not all concerned about
The cereal on the floor
And my piles of broken drawers
Are all such a bore
I will admit
Some bits of food
Are sticking to the wall
I scarcely even notice them
And do not mind at all
Beneath my bed
There’s just a wedge
Of last years mushroom surprise
And yet I have to clean my room
I simply don’t know why

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