Dealing life

March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

Days are passing
time turning ioto ashs
crying with desperation
needing a break
tired of being afraid
i'm asking how much pain do i need to take
i don't wanna wait
iwanna fly
i wanna open my eyes and understand why
scared to look in the mirror cause nothing seems clear
swallowing the sorrow
praying for a better tomarrow
lets be honest
does the world have to result to violance
the worlds off balance
a race against death itself
looking him in the face is it to late
is this our fate
i dont need to fall
i need to rise
i dont need to hide
i need to fight
...i'm going to deal a new life.

The author's comments:
When i wrote this song i was in lock up.I changed there i can't say it wasnt the worst experince but it wasnt the best.i dont recommand it for anybody.but it was there i was able to write poetry again and there i wrote this song and followed a better path.

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