March 5, 2010
By shimobe BRONZE, Alexander, Arkansas
shimobe BRONZE, Alexander, Arkansas
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The man whom is of sorrow.
An entity, a shadow, of the Earth.
Commanded to run.
Commanded to hide.

To fight the Monster within. To protect the one whom he loves.

The night is chilly, but his heart is thrice as cold.
His soul is stolen.
His body shattered.
Still he runs.

To fight the Monster within. To protect the one whom he loves.

Try as he might, his running is in vain.
Darkness engulfs him.
Pain consumes him.
His mind is now his prison.

To summit to the will of the Monster. To let go of the one whom he loves.

Alone he lives.
Within the shadows he weeps.
A prisoner unto himself.
Trapped behind the bars in his eyes.

To feel the wrath of the Monster. To cry over the one he loves.

But from his incarceration, his mind is stirred.
He opens his eyes.
Stares into the gloom.
And sees a light.

To find the strength to flee from the Monster. To find his love.

The light he follows.
Day in and day out.
Deep within a wood.
And in a meadow the light stops.

To defeat the monster within. To live forever with his love.

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