My Secret Part II

March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

My secret constantly grows
It terrorizes me like an enemy or foe
I can see my chest move as it beats against my heart
Wanting me to suffer
It slowly tears me apart
I hate when people stare at me
It’s almost as if they can see
It gives me pain and daily sorrow
I pray it will disappear before tomorrow
My secret tempts me scratching at my mind
It makes me so confused
It sometimes makes me feel blind
But yet I see I
This little evil demon spirit
I just want to release my secret
Stop caring about what everyone else will think
But even when I have courage
My soul still sinks
I fight with my secret
This battle has lasted for many years
With many scars and multiple tears
I cannot lie
My secret hurts me much
It likes to play with my soul
Taunting and poking all around
It has my entire body bound
I am locked in it as it is locked in me
The only difference is the secret has the master key
Could this really be me
And not the girl in the mirror I see
Everyday it seems like my secret is taking over me

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