All You Can Eat MAG

March 5, 2010
By David Decolongon BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
David Decolongon BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
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Man asserts his dominance over creation
Late night all-you-can-eat sushi
Old MacDonald's chickens are laid on grills
His cows lathered in teriyaki sauce

Find Nemo among your orange salmon rolls
All creatures of the sea lie immobile on your plate
Clean colorful fish carcasses lying all around
Clamped between long thin sticks

If thirst be thy need
Take a whole tree and plant
Throw them into boiling water
Drink their scalding juices

Stomach at capacity
Waiter gives man bill
Obligatory tip
Waiter asserts dominance over man

The author's comments:
I was at all you can eat sushi once, and I had a friend with me who didn't like sushi. I found it funny that he joined us, but he did inspire me to wirte this. We accidentally ordered a fried fish head, which helped to put a face on our hunger.

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