beautiful distraction

March 5, 2010
By hanye812 BRONZE, Anaheim, California
hanye812 BRONZE, Anaheim, California
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To: anonymous

cant think of what to write
cuz all im thinkin bout is you
usually its so simple
but now, dont kno what to do
should i make somethin up
should i just not write
i guess ill do whatever comes
wait, maybe i might...
nawww cant do that
cant write about her
cuz what if she reads this
dont want my secret to be heard
but how can i not
shes the only thing on my mind
tryin to think of somethin different
but shes got me in a bind
its never been this hard
i always write with ease
but how am i supposed to do that
when i got all of these
thoughts of you in my head
youre like a beautiful distraction
when i start to think of you
my mind loses all traction
but its all good. its fine
dont wanna write anyway
id rather think of you
then try to rhyme any day

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