my reflection and me

March 5, 2010
By hanye812 BRONZE, Anaheim, California
hanye812 BRONZE, Anaheim, California
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wat are you thinkin?
wat happened to you?
youv changed so much
wat the hell did you do?
cant even recognize
when i look in your eyes
its like your wearin a disguise
and all this is a bunch of lies
i stare at you
and you stare back
thinkin that if i look long enough
itll change the fact
that your a different person now
but how?
whyd you have to change?
wat made you stop tryin?
outside you look fine
but i kno inside your dyin
had enough of this?
bout time to start livin
pick yourself up
stop lettin yourself give in
and dont put on that front
i can see right through
only person that can
cuz i AM you

The author's comments:
reflecting with my reflection

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